Flix in the Stix

Once a month, except for the summer months of June, July and August, the hall becomes a local cinema. Films are usually shown on the first Thursday in the month, start at 7.30pm and the charge is £4.50p. The usual licence regulations apply.  


1. 6TH September 

In the aftermath of WWII, a writer forms an unexpected bond with the residents of Guernsey when she decides to write a book about their experiences during the conflict

DIRECTOR:  Mike Newell

CAST INCLUDES: Lily James, Jessica Brown  Findlay, Matthew Goode

2. 4th October
ON CHESIL BEACH    2017 Cert. 15

Described by one film critic as ' a powerful drama about  two people, both defined by their upbringing and bound by social mores from another era'

This young couple in their early twenties and on honeymoon, learn about the differences between them, attitudes, temperaments and their drastically contarsting backgrounds. Out on the beach, on their fateful wedding night, one of them makes a major decision that will utterly change both of their lives for ever.

DIRECTOR:  Dominic Cooke

CAST INCLUDES:  Saoirse Ronan, Billy Howle and Adrian Scarborough

3. 1st November 
THE BROMLEY BOYS            2017, Cert PG

In 1969, as England was preparing to defend the World Cup crown and George Best was thrilling crowds with his skills, 14 year old David Roberts became infatuated with a team at the opposite end of the football spectrum, his non-league club Bromley FC. He longs to be part of the inner sanctum of fans, including Derek,Roy and Peter, three misfits with less influence at the club than they imagine.
David is indeed welcomed into the fold but then the real problems begin.

DIRECTOR:  Steve Kelly

CAST INCLUDES:  Brenock O'Connor, Alan Davies, Martin McCutcheon, Ewen MacIntosh, Gareth Hale, Adam Deacon, T.J. Herbert, Ross Anderson

4. 6th December 
THE BOOKSHOP        2017 Cert. PG

In 1959, in a small English town, a woman chooses to open a bookshop. Not an outrageous action, you may think. But there is tremendous local opposition, some of it quite ruthless.
By exposing the residents to some cutting-edge literature of the day, such as Nabakov's Lolita and ray Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451', she sows the seed of an awakening in the conservative town.

DIRECTOR:      Isabel CoLanceixet

CAST INCLUDES:  Emily Mortimer, Bill Nighy, Patricia Clarkson, Hunter Tremayne, Honor